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Highlights of Visual FlagShip

Visual FlagShip (VFS) is currently available for 32bit or 64bit Linux and MS-Windows. Depending on your compiler or run-time switches, the by FlagShip created native 32-bit (or 64-bit) executable supports either

Textual/character oriented i/o mode (for console, Telnet, Terminal emulators, remote access via Internet etc.), or
GUI (= graphical user interface) mode (common in MS-Windows, X11, KDE, Gnome, Motif etc.), or
Basic i/o mode (e.g. for background or Web/CGI based applications), or
all of them (hybrid mode) where the used mode is specified at run-time or determined automatically,

refer to some screenshots with associated source code. The textual based interface (aka FlagShip 4.48) is available also for nearly any commercial Unix system (more...).

Of course, VFS also supports and use graphical elements (named controls or widgets), such as subwindows and buttons, in a similar manner to VO or FoxPro/Win. They are accessible as common command or function, in addition to OOP class storage, and contain automatic or user defined event controls and whatever else you need in a graphical environment.

And the beauty is: no changes are required for your FlagShip, Clipper(S'87 to 5.3) source code to run fully graphically. Also the most of dBaseIII+, Foxbase and FoxPro 2.5-2.6 (DOS/Windows) is supported. You also may execute the application directly on Unix/Linux server (even via Internet or Intranet) from your MS-Windows environment using terminal emulator or X11 server.

If you already own FlagShip license of previous release, contact us for generous upgrade discounts.

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