FlagShip is Portable and Compatible with other xBase Dialects

Since FlagShip is a superset of CA/Clipper Summer'87 to 5.3 (note * below for other xBase dialects), it is therefore fully source and data compatible with them, including macros, codeblocks, objects, etc. You therefore only need one common source for any major operating system! The advantage of this is obvious to any manager or software administrator: you only have to develop and maintain one set of source code.

No redundancies, no differing databases. The source and programming resources can be centralized and made available to all programmers on a local network, Intranet or Internet.

Same common statements even for GUI and Textual based (or hybrid) applications. The current software release is simply copied to the target system, recompiled by FlagShip there - and is then immediately executable or saleable. No run-time modules or fees are required.

If you need common access to the same databases, you simply access them via local network, Internet or Intranet. All you need is TPC/IP and NFS, Samba or other network system, available on any Unix and/or MS-Windows. Of course, you may run the executable directly on the file server, either locally or by using Telnet, ssh, Terminal emulator or other remote access methods.

FlagShip is truly portable. The current FlagShip supports all common 32-bit and 64-bit Unix , Linux and MS-Windows systems and is available either in Text-only version, or as Visual FlagShip (common for GUI and/or Textual and/or hybrid applications). Visual FlagShip is available also for 32-bit and 64-bit MS-Windows systems like NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows-7 to Windows-10


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